Gregory Fitzsimmons

"Jet", 40x55 Inkjet Print

“Jet”, 40×55 Inkjet Print

Although I work with lens-based practices, my process is much closer to painting and drawing. I create digital prints from traditional photographic materials and videos from small-gauge movie film. My work starts out using the most tangible of photographic media, sometimes incorporating the processes of decay, misuse and damage. Analog to digital follows the full arc of the history of photography within my work. Often, I mix my own images with those I appropriate. Film, snapshots, Polaroids, glass plates, stereoscopic slides, stained album pages– I touch and manipulate my materials to make my photographs and films. I also use video to make diaries of my life. Because digital video is a photographic medium that is strangely both the most ephemeral and the most permanent, yet also the least accessible to touch, it enchants the anonymity of the everyday when used diaristically, spectacularizing the  quotidian into a ghost-like spectral realm on the screen and when projected.